Retreat History


The church hosts an annual Retreat that has blessed countless people since 1993.  This pilgrimage to off site locations has been a favorite of members and others in ministry.  It has been blessed to present the ministries of many pastors and evangelists including: 


Pastor Nicole Parchman, St. Louis, MO

Evangelist Jonathan Rodgers, Memphis, TN

Bishop Lemuel Thuston, Kansas City, MO

Lady Marian Thuston, Kansas City, MO

Superintendent Phillip Jackson, Detroit, MI

Bishop E.L. Warren, Quincy, IL

Bishop Patrick Wooden, Raleigh, NC

Pastor William Bird, Cape Girardeau, MO

Bishop Elijah Hankerson, St. Louis, MO

 Lady Rachel Hankerson, St. Louis, MO

Evangelist Shirley Wooten, St. Louis, MO

Evangelist Sharon Phillips Williams, St. Louis, MO

Evangelist Karen Taylor, Corona, CA

Evangelist Sharon Brown, St. Louis, MO

Evangelist Antoinette Watson, St. Louis, MO

Evangelist Sandra Riley, Chicago, IL

Bishop Bobby McCarter, Columbus, MS

Pastor Glen Tatum, Dallas, TX

Evangelist Frances Kelley, Memphis, TN

Pastor E.M. Walker, Chicago, IL

Evangelist Joyce Carelock, Ashburn, VA

Evangelist Seth Cuningkin, Lakeview, TX

Apostle Charles Townes, Sierra Vista, AZ

Evangelist Carl Smith, St. Louis, MO

Bishop Vincent Matthews, Johannesburg, South Africa

Prophetess Janice Mixon, Waco, TX


The retreat has also featured the music ministries of: Evangelist Leslie Pace, Chrystal Rucker, Jonathan McReynolds, Natalie Smith, Durward Davis, Kathy Horry, and others.